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Monthly Update: May Scramble, Spring Intraclub Tournament, and much more!

posted Apr 29, 2011, 3:47 PM by San Gabriel Tennis Club
Hello SGTC members!

Here is the monthly update for May!

  SATURDAY MAY 7TH - Please come bright and early for our monthly scramble.  A big thanks to the Scramble Coordinators and the members that volunteer to bring refreshments each Scramble Day.

  UPCOMING SPRING INTRACLUB TOURNAMENT MAY 21 - The flyer has been posted:  You can also sign up for the intraclub tournament by emailing our Intraclub tournament coordinator, Amber Marsden at

  UPCOMING INTERCLUB TOURNAMENT WITH TEMPLE CITY TENNIS CLUB JUNE TBA - There will also be an upcoming tournament with Temple City Tennis Club in June.  It is slated to be the end of June but we will provide a link to the flyer and sign-up sheet when everything has been confirmed.

  MIKE LU - PRESIDENT FOR NEXT TWO WEEKS - I will be out of town for the next two weeks, so Mike Lu, our VP will assume the responsibilities of the President.  If there have been any complaints that you have been dying to tell me, it will be the perfect time to do so and tell Mike of your concerns =)  However, if it's compliments, I will be back on May 15th. 

  NEW MEMBERS - There have been new members joining the club the past few months and we are happy to have them!  If you see someone that you may not have seen before, don't be shy and say hi.  We are a very social and competitive club.  Looking for the quickest way to meet different members?  Come to the scramble and have a great social tennis experience!

  NEW URL - With the help of the board, we were able to obtain the rights to the web address:, so please go on the website for updates, pictures, and information regarding upcoming events.

If there are any questions or stories you want us to share with the club, please do not hesitate to email us at



Tony Law
SGTC President

2011 SGTC Board Members 

President - Tony Law 

Vice-President - Mike Lu 

Treasurer - Tony Wong 

Secretary - Lily Ng 

Board Advisor - Anna Gee 

Publicity/Website - Sandy Lee 

Co-Social Coordinators - John Machikawa, Angela Kwok, Eddie Trieu 

Inter-Club Tennis Manager - Keiko Kagan 

Intra-Club Tennis Manager - Amber Marsden 

Co-Scramble Coordinators - James Brentzel, Eric Hsieh, Justin Lee, Lisa Szeto