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2013 Holiday “Wrap Up” & Goodbye, Lily!

posted Dec 18, 2013, 5:19 PM by San Gabriel Tennis Club   [ updated Dec 18, 2013, 5:21 PM ]
Embassy Suites December 8, 2013

We’ll miss Lily - our Holiday Party MC (did an awesome job). Her big career promotion is taking her to Sacramento so she’ll be moving at the end of the month.  Her many talents will be dearly missed – these past 3 years as Secretary & Treasurer, she’s helped elevate our club to be a top notch, technologically ‘smart’, professional club (along with Lisa and other board members’ help).  She’s done many other things, too many to list, to keep our club running smoothly.  Of course, we’ll miss her faithful presence at the courts early in the morning, her banana bread, and her reminders for us all to pay our dues, etc.  She’ll still be our Board Advisor & come play with us whenever she is down in Southern Cal.  Good luck, Lily!

Amber & Mike planned an awesome game for the holiday party attendees – 5 people were ‘wrapped up’ by everyone using various holiday bows, ribbons, wrapping paper, whatever they could find in the room.  Anna, Isabel, Austin, Xin, and Troy were so hilarious looking.  Check out the photos by Ben L. and Sandy online. We had a wild, raucous, merry time clapping for which table did the best wrap job & modeling job.  Austin won as the drummer boy!  Isabel was a close second & I know enjoyed being one of the ‘center of attention’ getters.  Anna, we could hardly recognize you, but you shuffled along very well in your tight outfit.  Xin, we liked your tail and front, too?  Troy (Sandy’s nephew) – what a sexy model job you did!

2 grand prizes worth $150 were raffled awayTwo FREE 1 night’s stay at Embassy Suites Hotel!  Andrew won one of the free nights - a big winner. Andrew, now we’ll have to all come over the night you stay & have a SGTC party!  The second free night big winner was May’s guest, Marla!

The big winner of the 50-50 raffle was none other than Tony L ... Who immediately used his cash winnings to pay for his 2014 member dues!

Sandy thanked all the 2013 board members and gave them a gift with a cute caption (see photos).  Amber will sadly be leaving the board but hopefully she can return one day.  All others will continue on the board. New board members welcomed & introduced: Ben L. & Andrew H. will be our new co-tennis coordinators; Richard W, our secretary (replacing James B. who will replace Lily as Treasurer), and Jesse S. who will be our new Scramble Coordinator…. And Sandy will continue to be President. Thanks everyone, for volunteering your time and being so hardworking, energetic, & enthusiastic.

Door prizes galore were enjoyed by most everyone who attended.  Thank you everyone for bringing a door prize and/or toy for Toys for Tots.  Anna, Tony L, Lily, James – thanks for helping with the sign up table.

Be sure to come next year!  Don’t miss all the fun…


Dec 8, 2013 SGTC Holiday Party Embassy Suites