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Cinco de Mayo Arcadia Inter-club Tourney May 5, 2012

posted May 7, 2012, 5:56 AM by San Gabriel Tennis Club   [ updated May 17, 2012, 5:34 AM ]
How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo? With Tennis Of Course!

By: Tony Law – Interclub Tennis Manager

After a couple days of rain earlier in the week, the morning looked grim with clouds surround San Gabriel High School.  However, as the tournament between the San Gabriel Tennis Club and the Arcadia Tennis Club went underway, the tennis players were greeted by bright sunlight, which means a fantastic day for tennis.

The players were greeted with breakfast and, after warm-up, the players were sent to their designated courts.  Most of the matchups were SGTC vs. ATC, however, due to the number of players from both teams, some of the SGTC and ATC members played together.  This was great because the tournament mixed both competition and social attributes.

After a grueling two rounds of men and women’s doubles and a third round of mixed doubles, most of the players were ready to eat.  There were a few brave souls that played under the heat for a fourth fun round that was open play.  It was a sight to see the friendly interactions between both clubs.  

The end result of the interclub tournament?  SGTC barely edges over ATC with 9-8 match wins.  The matches where the SGTC men played with the ATC women were waived from the final score.  Regardless of who won, I believe everyone can agree that winning a competition is nice at the moment, but meeting new people, creating friendships, and sharing the joy of tennis lasts a lifetime.

A special thanks to all of the players from both clubs that contributed to the potluck because there was a great variety of food that ranged from 7-layer dip to nachos to Kahlua pork to macaroni salad to endless food combinations.  Also, a special thanks to the Janet and Art Contreras for continuously working with the San Gabriel Tennis Club and bringing their players to San Gabriel High School to make fun and competitive lineups.

05-05-12 SGTC-ATC Inter Club Cinco De Mayo Tournament