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President Tony's Hong Kong Vacation

posted Jun 7, 2011, 5:29 AM by San Gabriel Tennis Club
Our President, Tony Law travelled to Hong Kong!  Tony shares the following insights about his trip:

  • Hello SGTC members.

    I went to Hong Kong for vacation for two weeks in the beginning of May and it was an amazing experience!  My parents were born in Hong Kong so it was pretty cool to see where they grew up.  I also got to meet relatives that I have never seen before because they live in Hong Kong.  It was my first international flight so it was quite scary, but I survived.

    Traveling and experiencing Hong Kong makes me want to travel and visit other countries and compare the similarities and differences to America.  For example, there was a McDonald’s in Hong Kong and of course I had to try it!  The lifestyle is so different over there.  Since Hong Kong is very small, rather than neighborhoods and homes, people live in sky rises that go up 30-40 floors.

    It was also nice to not have to drive for two weeks.  The public transportation there is very user-friendly, and the subway system is amazing!  Angela Kwok, a fellow SGTC member, happened to be in Hong Kong when I was there and she was able to show me around places like Victoria’s Peak.

    The thing I will miss most from Hong Kong is the food!  The street food, dim sum, and restaurant food was really different compared to America.  I am looking forward to exploring Asia in the future, like Taiwan.  Once I develop my pictures from Hong Kong, I will definitely bring it to the courts to show everyone!

    Tony Law