2011 SGTC Holiday Party - a Joyous End of the Year Event

Isabel Sun says of the Holiday Party, "Thank you Lily, James and Anna for a wonderful time! We have missed a lot of the old Club members but then we also welcome a lot of new members whom are mostly young and energetic. Our Club has improved in many areas: club events, the wonderful website, inter-club competition winnings and most of all the photo album (well done Sandy, wish we had captured more 20 years ago!). HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL !!" 

Comments from Sandy:

The SGTC Holiday party on December 10th at Santa Anita Inn was a huge success.  Much appreciation to SGTC member, Linda Chang and her husband, Andy Chang, owners of the Inn, who worked with the planning committee, James Brentzel, Lily Ng, and Anna Gee to organize a fun event for all of us.  More than 50 members and their friends and family attended, dressed up in their holiday wear (didn’t recognize some of them without their usual tennis garb).  One of the tables I call the “red table” as most of them wore red.  Beautiful!  Lily had on a stunning  green Chinese dress with a jacket and fancy shawl.  It’s so nice to have your spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, neighbors, friends, and relatives share in your tennis passion.

Thank you, Anna Gee and your friend, Shirley Ng, for collecting all the money for the party and for taking care of the sign in table, wrapping up the door prize gifts, and everything else you do!

We enjoyed a delicious buffet and great company – Lisa Szeto announced and handed out trophies to Scramble winners (Masako Naito, Lily Ng, and Gloria Estrada and Jin Wen, Tony Wong, and Tommy Chu with participation winners Masako, Lily and Felix Chan).  Winners had big smiles, as they accepted the beautiful trophies working all year to play their best tennis with whatever partner they played with – they all played consistently, competitively and regularly (at least 50% of the year’s Scramble months).  Huge thanks to Lisa, our head Scramble co-coordinator (thank you for hosting the Scramble days to Lisa, James, Justin Lee and Eric Hsieh), and thanks to all Scramble assistants each month, too!

Throughout the night a photo powerpoint slide show was shown (Tony Law put together).  Also during the program, Tony Law showed a video of our club weekend getaway to Port Hueneme, made by Leslie Mach.  Thanks, Tony & Leslie!

Door prizes were given out every hour by Lily with the help of Kathy and Richard Janisch’s son, Austin, and James’ neighbor, Heidi’s daughter Glenda, enjoying being “Santa”.  Donated gifts by Anna Gee, Gail Begerow, Yoshi Mori, Tony Wong, and Lisa Szeto were much appreciated. 

A 50-50 raffle was also fun with all hoping they would be the big winners. Keiko Kagan was the big winner & won again this year, along with Tony Wong and Angela Kwok's guest, Jack.  Keiko was very generous to donate the $75 back to the club.  Arigato, Keiko and husband, Jeff!

Members passed around the photo album that Sandy made again this year (had fun embellishing it with Christmas stickers).  Hope everyone found at least 1 photo of yourself!

We were lucky to have live DJ holiday music throughout the night, too, as well as karaoke music for our member singers to sing to -  Lily, James, Tony Law, Tony Wong, Heidi, and daughter Glenda entertained us all.  We even got to dance to a couple of songs – everyone had fun dancing!

Tony Law, outgoing President, said a few words about the tourneys and activities this past year, commented on how many of our members are doing a great job in USTA teams – going to nationals, sectionals, playing super tennis and only getting better.  Tony thanked all 2011 board members for their hard work throughout the year. He welcomed the 2012 new board, many of whom are continuing on the board from 2011. They are committed SGTC one of the best tennis clubs around!  James Brentzel will be our new President and has many good ideas for our first January board meeting, when we plan out the year’s tournaments and activities. If you have any suggestions, please email James or any board member.

2012 Board Members:

President                                          James Brentzel

Vice Pres.                                         Amber Marsden

Secretary                                          Lily Ng

Treasurer                                          Tony Wong

Co-Social                                          Angela Kwok, Lily Ng

Intra-ClubTourney Coordinator         Mike Lu

Inter-Club Tourney Coordinator        Tony Law

WebSite Administrator                      Lisa Szeto

Publicity                                            Sandy Lee

Scramble Coordinators                     Jin Wen, Adolfo Acosta, Charli Rusli, Lisa Szeto

Board Advisor                                   Anna Gee

Enjoy 2012 – to a great tennis year!

12-10-2011 SGTC Holiday Party


SGTC Holiday Party 2011


2011 SGTC Holiday Party - by Yoshi Mori