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SGTC Scramble Coordinators for 2017

posted Jan 17, 2017, 10:45 AM by San Gabriel Tennis Club   [ updated Jan 21, 2017, 7:27 PM ]
Every month, SGTC has something called "Scramble". A "Scramble" event is basically an event where all of the SGTC members who attend randomly pair up with various members to play an 8 game pro set doubles match against other members. Usually there are 4 rounds total. Everyone has fun for a few hours while the coordinator and other board members set up some food and drinks for everyone. Every month, we need someone to help perform the duties of the scramble coordinator, who helps to manage the event. 

Here are the members who have decided to volunteer for 2017:

 January 2017 Steve G.
 February 2017 Rowena
 March  2017 Wakako Y.
 April 2017 Peggie
 May 2017 Kathleen
 June 2017 David
 July 2017 Simon
 August 2017 George
 September 2017 Tony L.
 October 2017 Raju
 November 2017 Martin C.
 December 2017 Gloria E.

Thanks to all of you guys who have helped to volunteer for SGTC! SGTC appreciates your work!