‪Rowland Heights Sunshine Tennis Club Inter-Club Tournament September 13, 2014‬

It was a very, very hot day with scorching high temperatures. Players from Sunshine Tennis Club and SGTC braved the heat and came out to compete in the inter-club tournament. We used natural shading from trees and two tents with plenty of seating for players sitting out to help provide a bit of relief from the sun. A delicious BBQ lunch was prepared by Sunshine Tennis Club. The tournament was quite a nail biter because the clubs were all tied up after the first round and then the second round as well.  By the 3rd round Sunshine had a slight lead of 4 games but SGTC pulled it out at the end by overcoming the deficit and winning by 10 games. All players seemed to have a good time. A huge thanks to Ben - SGTC tournament coordinator, Douglas from Sunshine Tennis Club, and to everyone who donated refreshments and worked so hard to make this tourney a great success!



Sept 13, 2014 Rowland Heights Sunshine Tennis Club Inter-Club