Turkey Tussle November 14, 2015

It was a record breaking turnout for the 2015 Turkey Tussle. There was a total number of 43 guests/members partaking in the event, 8 were brand new members joining for the very first time. We also held a membership drive at the same time which was very successful. The female winner of the Tussle goes to Jane W., a new member, and for the men, it was a tie between, Steve G. and Luan, nice job guys and gals. There were also some raffle prizes given out like a Starubucks gift card for Max, Christmas wreath for Robert and a AMC giftcard for Lillian, also a new member. We played 4 rounds of tennis with different partners and opponets on a clear day and everyone was looking forward to lunch after an exhausting day of tennis. Longtime member Anna G. brought Chicken salad and Tony delivered Chinese food and chicken and refreshments and fruits, James brought veggies, Wakako brought panettone as well as various other food donations by other members. We will have another event/tourney on Dec. 12th, so for those that have not paid membership dues, you can pay now or at the Dec. tourney and have the $10 tourney fee waived. This offer is valid for those who have not paid their dues yet.