Turkey Tussle Tournament November 19, 2011

San Gabriel Tennis Club had an awesome end of the year Turkey Tussle tournament with our fellow club members.  And no rain!!  We were worried about that possibility.  But it turned out cold but dry, just right.  We didn't get too hot and exhausted – players had lots of snacks, breakfast food, fruits to eat between rounds before lunch at 12 noon.  Amber said she heard lots of laughs and shouting during the rounds, so it sounded like people had fun.

Amber Marsden (with the help of Mike Lu) put a fun doubles (men, women, mixed) line up together of 4 rounds, 10 games per round with competition and fun in mind.  Almost everyone got to play with different partners for each round (sorry, if sometimes you played with or against the same player but it doesn't always work out).  If you and your partner won, you got 2 points.  If you lost, you got 1 point.  So after Steve Marsden (Amber's dad) added everyone's totals up, the 2 top winners received a prize.  

Joe, you keep winning tournaments!  You must bribe the scorekeeper!!

The male and female player with the most points were:   Joe Flores  and  Amy Liang

Everyone received a certain the number of playing cards that they had points.

There were 4 other winners who got prizes based on whether they had the best poker hand. - more if they had more points.  Chi Lin, Rebecca Loo, Angela Kwok, and Tony Luong 

Members all got a small door prize - women got to pick a plumeria hair clip (and some wore it in their hair or on their visor while playing);  men got a battery operated candle light.

Thanks everyone for bringing some goodies to add to the lunch table!  

Co-social coordinator, Angela Kwok, thanks for ordering and picking up the Chinese food for lunch – chicken wings, beef chow fun, and noodles and fried rice! And for making the delicious little tea sandwiches and burrito wraps, bringing pumpkin pie, bananas, strawberries, bottled water for the club to enjoy.   

Tony Wong, thanks for stocking up our sodas in the cooler and for the croissants, Isabel (donuts to keep us energized and hyper), Mel (that huge watermelon you brought went quickly - we didn't have any left at the end), Sandy (I think people liked your carne asada and potato/macaroni salad), Adolpho (the granola bars are a great idea), Gloria (mmmm, your carrot cake bread went quickly), Brian (your chips and salsa are always welcome), James (grapes are healthy), and I don't know who brought the fruit filled pastries but they were good... and many other members - thank you for the dark chocolate wafer cookies (melts in your mouth); and for the chocolate chip cookies (i know someone gave them to me to put on the table but 'senioritis' just kicked in on who - sorry).

Amber, you did a good job calling everyone in from morning warm-up tennis time, explaining the tennis format and rearranging the lineups when some members came late or had to leave early.  Flexible and quick thinking changes and decisions on the spur of the moment.  Good teamwork with your dad, Steve, our 'Rock of Gibraltar' - always dependable, recording scores, organizing the food table when Amber was playing a round, and thanks for cutting up that big watermelon!  

Amber, good coordination with your mom, too, Sandy and Angela with the food.  

Thanks everyone for helping set up and unpack Sandy’s van filled with tables, crates, paper goods, chairs, food, coolers, etc.  And thanks everyone for cleaning up, too.  Isabel, Brian, Tony Luong, Vernon Tam, Steve, Tony Law, Mel, Adolpho, Eric, Tony Wong, Mike, Amber amongst others.   It’s so much faster when everyone pitches in.  Wish you could all come back to my house & unpack and wash all my dishes, too!  HAHA!  

See you at the Holiday Party celebration on December 10 th 6pm.

Happy Thanksgiving and to very many happy tennis days…. 

Turkey Tussle Final Results

SGTC Turkey Tussle Nov 19, 2011