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USTA Mixed Doubles Season Wrap-up

posted Apr 6, 2011, 5:32 PM by San Gabriel Tennis Club   [ updated Apr 22, 2011, 3:59 PM ]
Dear 7.0 & 8.0 USTA Mixed Doubles SGTC teammates,

So the USTA Winter Mixed Doubles 2011 league season is over.  What a wonderful teams we had!  Both teams were very close to the playoff and sectional.  We finished at 3rd of the flight – actually, we were tied with top 2 teams.  7.0 team had 7 wins and 1 loss, which is the same record with two top other teams – Palm Park and Racketeers: Just as 8.0 team did – 6 wins and 1 loss – tied with top 2, Upland and Arcadia LQ.  We had same wins with top teams – only difference is we had one more individual loss than those top teams – that slight difference determined our position to 3rd: unfortunately.

Oh wow.  So close.

It is unfortunate that we had to start with strong opponents when not many people were available.  Well, everyone has plans and I guess that is a part of the game. Even under that circumstance, we did the best we could and the result was almost perfect.  I believe we could represent SGTC well.  Above all, we were bonded and our friendship deepened during the season.  That is priceless!

Thank you very much for the great season.  My special thanks to Sandy, who gave me great lineup ideas.  Mel: Thanks for coordinating night practice.  Tony W and Hiroko: Thank you for captaining when I was away.

Here are our 2011 SGTC Mixed Doubles USTA League Teammates:

<8.0> Tony L, Mike, Alain, Ben, Colin, John M, Chi, Eric, Sandy, Shirley, Rebecca, Hiroko, Amy, Amber

<7.0> Tony W, Venkat, Eric, John, Mel, George, Lee, Meiling, Linda, Kathy, Suzanne, Hiroko.

Also, I would like to dedicate MVP = “Most Valuable Pair" to Amber and Colin (8.0), and to Meiling and George (7.0).   Thank you very much for your great contribution to the teams.

It was my great pleasure and honor to be your team captain.  Thank you all for playing in our team. I had a great time. I hope to see you again on the next MD season – I can’t wait!


Keiko Kagan / Captain

USTA Mixed Doubles Keiko's Team