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What have some of our SGTC members been up to this summer?

posted Aug 29, 2012, 9:01 PM by San Gabriel Tennis Club   [ updated Sep 15, 2014, 1:03 PM ]

                Tony Law got promoted! Congratulations, Assistant Director of Transfer Admission at Mount St. Mary's College!

                Adolfo enjoyed time with his son at Boy Scout camp.  "The best thing to spend on your children is TIME".

                James Brentzel flew back east for his 50th High School reunion in Pennsylvania this summer - wow!

                Amy Liang's 4.0 USTA team (captained by our own Yayomi Kanai) came in 2nd in the  sectional finals - barely missed going to Nationals.  

                Amber Marsden's 4.5 USTA team - Amber won all her matches but her team lost 2-3 in the sectional finals,  just missing out on going to Nationals, too.

                Sandy & Steve visited their eldest daughter, Lani, in Beijing, where she is working.  They had a fantastic trip (the last time they had visited Beijing was in 1983 when there were hardly any cars, millions of bicycles, mao jackets,  2 or 3 hotels, and they mainly shopped at the Friendship Stores.  How things have changed in 30 years!)  They ate so many different kinds of delicious Chinese food - and unusual dishes they've never eaten - snake, duck's tongue, pig's ear and lots of 'Forbidden City' liquor toasting with their Chinese hosts to each chinese dish - that leads to getting very tipsy!  Luckily, Lani is fluent in Mandarin after 3 years in China because Sandy & Steve would be hard pressed to get around.

                Keiko visited Orlando, Florida with husband Jeff and nephew from Japan.  Keiko says this is a photo of her at the Toy Story Mania ride at  Disneyworld.  It was very hot every day, very humid and temperatures were between 90 - 95 degrees with afternoon thunder storms!  There were long, long lines for the rides....but she had so much fun and already misses her little nephew.

           Aug 2012 Jeff and Keiko Kagan with nephew

           Send any news to Sandy Lee and she will share with fellow members.