2015 Scramble 1st Place Winner Luan H. and Board Advisor Lilly N.

2015 FINAL Scramble results  

Congratulations 2015 Scramble Winners:

      1st place - Luan H.

      2nd place - Steve G.

      3rd place - Nick P. 

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SCRAMBLE – What is this?

Scramble is SGTC's yearlong intra-club tennis tournament.  Scramble days are a good time to play with members of all levels, a way to meet members you may not always play with, and to just play for fun.

Scramble Rules:

SGTC Scramble is played the 1st Saturday of every month.  There is a $1.00 nominal fee for each Scramble to help cover the cost of new balls and refreshments.  Whether you play just one round or all four rounds, it's only $1.00.

Chips are drawn with court numbers and respective numbers play each other in a set of 8 games, changing sides after 4 games.  Players assigned to the same court number may switch partners to make match-ups more fair and competitive if all players agree.  

Only one ad is played. In the event of a second deuce, this is a sudden death point and the team winning the next play wins the game.  The receiving team has the choice of who will receive the serve for the second deuce.

Total of 4 rounds are played.

Players are responsible for making sure their numbers of games won are recorded on the score sheet.

If there are an odd number of participants in Scramble, a blank chip will be added.  The player who draws the blank chip will sit out for the round.

Scramble runs from January through December and begins promptly at 8:00 a.m.  Come early to warm up.  Upon completion of the 4 rounds, players can play tennis games of their choosing.  We would appreciate that members refrain from playing their own tennis games until all 4 Scramble rounds are completed.

Note: If the 1st Saturday is rained out, Scramble may be re-scheduled to another Saturday.

Scramble Member Responsibilities:

For many, many years our club has had its Scrambles on a monthly basis so that all members get to know one another on the courts.

The conductor(s) of Scramble are volunteers.  Many of our members have never run a Scramble and their only contribution to the Scrambles is that they play in them.

This being the case, if you don’t volunteer to run a Scramble, please be sure to help make it easier for the person(s) running it.  How, you ask?

(1)  Put your $1.00 Scramble fee in the money envelop as soon as you arrive.  Additional donations are always welcome.

(2)  Make sure your name is on the entry list before picking chips (sometimes it is already there).

(3)  Let the conductor(s) of Scramble know when you are leaving the courts for the day.

(4)  Post your scores immediately after finishing your set instead of staying on court hitting balls.

(5)  Arrive a little early to warm-up so as not to delay the start of the games.

(6)  Pick only one chip, return it to the “return box” and go to your assigned court and not to the court in which you want to play.

Your cooperation will be expected and is much appreciated.

How to understand the Scramble Results:

The scores are calculated by games won divided by games played to show the percentage of games won

If a player picks a blank chip or volunteers to sit out during one of the rounds due to an odd number of Scramble participants, s/he will receive 4 games won out of 8 games played since s/he was there to play, but could not.  No games will be awarded to players who miss early rounds, or leave early and miss later rounds.

In order to win the end of the year overall prize for the top 3 players, a player must have played a minimum of 50% of the total number of Scramble games possible for the year.  December Scramble is not included in the final results since we can’t add those scores on in time for the Holiday Party awards – we will still have a fun Scramble day but no scores will be posted.

Scrambles have a dual purpose – for fun & social tennis, as well as to strive to play your best tennis with whomever you partner with.  Go for it!  You never know whether you’ll get a surprise award in December at the holiday party!

updated 01/02/16