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Mini-Tourney April 21, 2012

Poem by Isabel Sun 
(1st letter of each line, spells MINI TOURNEY)

M any showed up especially Winston from Monterey Park 

I had fun playing with our man folks especially Mike :0) 

N o one complains or unhappy of the line ups 

I nteresting comments though with the winning prizes 

T he mathematician
 Steve had again helped broaden the day 

O ur thanks to Sandy's enthusiastic persuasion to show up 

U ndoubtedly, Mike and Amber are the winners 

R emember to appreciate that we still have the use of the courts 

N ew friends came: Gloria's son Marty & grand-daughters 

E veryone loved the Crystal Light Drink & the crystal bowl 

Y EAH! Another great Mini Tourney! Thank you Sandy!!