Thank you to James Brentzel for reserving rooms at Casa Via Mar for SGTC’s annual Port Hueneme weekend on July 20-22, 2012. Members, guests, and family played round-robin tennis at the Inn Saturday morning.  Later, members traveled to nearby Miranda Park to play with the Oxnard Tennis Club. Thanks to Amber Marsden & Mike Lu for coordinating the fun morning event & for working with the other club director to set up challenging tennis matches in the afternoon. 

On Saturday evening, members/guests dined at the Inn’s Hospitality Room, reserved for SGTC. Dinner was catered by El Pollo Loco, arranged by Anna Gee. The group celebrated Amber’s birthday with chocolate cake and the birthday song.  

After dessert, Amber conducted a game of taboo & charades with everyone divided into two teams.  After some shyness, the group began to break out in giggles & laughter, especially after some creative acting.   

Everyone then divided into three groups as Isabel Sun explained the next game:  Left/right/center with three dice.  Each player started out with $3 and with each roll, hoped to gain and retain their money. Moans could be heard from players losing their money and excited shouts came from those who were winning. The last person from each group who still had $1 was the winner of the center pot.  The big winners were Gloria Estrada, James Brentzel and Cindy (Simon’s wife). 

SGTC members ended the evening with prizes. Winner Allen Tieu of the morning round robin event had first choice pick. Each member/guest was given a raffle ticket and the remaining prizes were random drawings.  Thanks to Amber, Anna & Isabel for donating prizes. Thank you to everyone for helping to clean up after the party.  

The following morning members/guests play several rounds of Scramble Tennis before checking out of Casa Via Mar. A few diehards continued to play a few more rounds of tennis before heading home.  Spotted at the Sea Fresh restaurant in the Channel Islands Harbor were some members who decided to grab some lunch before going home.

In Port Hueneme were:  James Brentzel, Tony Wong, Tri Kha, Mel Cabral, Anna Gee, Ko Nakamura, Gloria Estrada, Isabel Sun, Amber Marsden, Mike Lu, Andrew Hwang, Xin Wu, Lily Fang & her mom Susan, James & Jessie Chen & Jessie’s mom, Simon Tieu and his family:  wife, Cindy; brothers, Allen & Vincent; & Simon’s parents.  Pete Tapia, his daughter, and Linda Matsumoto from Monterey Park joined the SGTC group Saturday afternoon and dinner at Casa Via Mar.  Those who joined us commented:  “good time”, “fun & challenging matches”, “friendliness”, “enjoyable weekend”, “looking forward to next year”. 

07-22-12 Port Hueneme 2012