Rowland Heights Inter-Club Tournament February 23, 2013

A big thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out at the Rowland Heights Inter-Club tournament at SGHS this past Saturday. Under a beautiful sunny and cool day, we had a great time competing against a tough club that was a little short on players. Still, over 20 from our club and 10 from the Rowland Heights Sunshine Tennis Club showed up and we nearly filled every single court with doubles matches.

Thank you to the people who brought all sorts of delicious appetizers and desserts including Nick for the strawberry jello, James Brentzel for veggies and drinks, James Wang for the fruit, Tony Wong for drinks and picking up the food for lunch, Susan Gan for the water as well as many others. Thank you to Mike as well for organizing lineups and setting up tables and sign up.

A big shout out and thanks for Sandy who worked hard to sign up players and coordinate with Rowland Heights in putting together compelling match ups in addition to providing tables, chairs, decorations, fantastic Kahlua pork, and yummy homemade strawberry jam.

Look forward to many more exciting tournaments like this with even more food, prizes and great competition for 2013!

Here are some comments from a fellow club member and participant:

Brian: "Saturday turned out to be such a great day.  Sun, food and tennis.  What more could one ask for.  For me personally, I got to play alongside Laurie, Masako, Yoshi and Colin.  Some of the nicest and most talented tennis players around.  Thank you for carrying me through our matches and for helping our club make such a good showing for the tourney.  And thanks to all for organizing and making it all run so smoothly.  It should be said that we all appreciate the efforts."

February 23, 2013 Rowland Heights Inter-Club Tournament