Great Tourney! St. Patrick's Day IntraClub SGTC March 16, 2013 at SGHS   

President, Sandy Lee summarizes:

Hope everyone enjoyed another no rain, just right temperature, San Gabriel Valley, Southern California Day (can't complain).  Lucky we live here.

Mike Lu did a great job with the line-up and the four rounds of 40 minute timed ProSet format sets.  Thanks for explaining what that is, Tony Law.  Nice change up picking cards to figure out who your partner is, Mike (3rd round). 

Thanks all for donating to the "Irish St. Patrick's Day theme" table.  Gloria, good pasta, James Wang, very nice touch with those green and yellow frosting covered cupcakes you brought, Tony Wong for the great fruits (jicama, grapes, cantalopes) and for buying the Kentucky Fried Chicken & sides, James Brentzel for the homemade mini mint flavored cheesecakes cupcakes, too - delicious.  Sandy is experimenting on all of you with her curry stew and learning how to do 'quantity food preparation.'  Steve/Sandy - making some spam musubi in the morning. To everyone else, thanks for the cookies, chips, salsa, guacamole, and lots of good muffins and Chinese pastries (Vernon, mmm I liked the whip cream filled pastries).  

Lily, the St. Patrick's green balloons are a great touch to our celebration of the important Irish Holiday!  

Question of the Day:   Who is part-Irish in our club that played in today's tourney?  Whoever gets it right, gets a prize! 8-)

Winners with highest no. of points won are:

Ladies:  Amber Marsden, Tracy Huang, Laurie Manley
Guys:    David Chen, Colin Tang, Brian Ching

Amber, thanks for the nicely wrapped prizes for the top winners.

Wow! Our new members are doing well and winning right away.  Keep it up.  Good to see you, Tracy! You come out and win – what a competitor.

We got to make some new tennis friends and guests, too - Stan, Poppy, Richard, Alison, Quen. 

Good to see you, John & Suzanne Machikawa - they wanted to partner together!  Still in love.  Nice tennis date for you 2 - had a break from your little one! And you are a great team winning both matches you played with each other 8-).

Mel, loved seeing you today.  Thanks for taking photos of the club members playing!  And, for your winning smile….

Thanks, everyone who unpacked & those who stayed to help pack up Sandy's van, put away tables, food, etc. Mike, for packing up my van the night before.  Steve & Amber, too!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

03-16-13 SGTC St Pattys Day Tourney