SGTC Valentine’s Day Tournament  February 11, 2012

San Gabriel High School

Intra-Club Tournament Coordinator, Mike Lu

Hi SGTC members and friends,

Thank you for making this year's tournament a rousing success with your generous donations and participation. We had a great turnout this time with all 9 courts playing doubles for nearly all the rounds. Thank you to all who brought guests as well. I hope you all enjoyed the tennis and felt it was competitive and entertaining.

I want to thank the co-socials Lily and Angela for putting together breakfast and "hearty" lunch as well as bringing the lovely big balloons! Thank you Sandy for providing the plates, utensils, appetizers, and themed prizes! Thank you Amber for co-coordinating this tournament and matching up everyone for each round as well as providing the hearts for the ladies. Thank you to Lily and Auggie for donating fun prizes to the tournament. Thank you Steve for managing the scores and keeping us on time for lunch!

Finally, thank you everyone who brought all of the fruit, snacks, and drinks for everyone to share. There were so many delicious side-dishes including spring rolls, fruit in jello, danishes, salads, and chocolates. Without your contributions, it would not have been such a great event.


Mike Lu

SGTC Intra-club coordinator

The first tournament of the year was a success, with Mike Lu coordinating and organizing the event, assisted by Amber Marsden. All 9 courts were used by 36 tourney participants on a great tennis weather day.  Couples who enjoyed playing with their spouses or friends, Hiroko/Lee; James/Jessie; Amy/Chi. 

Question, “Who brought the delicious red fruit jello?” Loved it. 

Here are some quotes from some of the members who played:

President James Brentzel, “The Valentine's Day Tournament was a super first tournament of 2012. Congratulations to Amber and Mike. We are looking forward to more excellent tournaments this year.”

New member and Co-Scramble Coordinator, Adolfo, shares his thoughts, “It was my second tourney in my life... and a very good one. Not only because of the camaraderie of all the SGTC members, but also of the fun, playing and enjoying the food. When the tournament was over, I felt that I had played more confidently and less tense than in the first one. I think, this is the result of playing with partners that support you, do not pressure you, and understand that at some time they also had to experience being "the new kid on the block". Yes, it was definitely a very positive experience.  

At this time, I would like to thank all the members for the warm welcome they have provided to me.  Thanks to everyone.”

Brian, “I had a good time playing with a wide variety of partners.  Tennis is fun as long as you get out there and hit the ball!  I played with Augie (in his 80's), Tony (Chi's guest in his 70's), Anna (who knows ;)), and Andrew Huang (in his mid 20's) and the ages don't make any difference.  Everyone seemed to have such a good time.”

Hiroko, “"I had a great time playing tennis with the variety of people.  I loved all the Valentine themed balloons and decorations!  Looking forward to the next event." 

Tony Luong, "It was my first Valentine's Day tennis tournament. It was a great turnout. I had lots of fun! Looking forward to my first full year with the club!" 

Amber, “I enjoyed meeting all the new members and guests, especially Tony Law’s “Gorilla of his dreams”, who made a special appearance.”

Sandy, “I had 3 guy partners, one I picked and one who picked me, but I only went home with one, the love of my life since 1976!  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, STEVE!”

“Amber got to be Vanna White, like in Wheel of Fortune, displaying all the neat prizes on the table while Mike described them.”